White Mulberry Extract

What is White Mulberry Extract?

So what is white mulberry extract and why are people in natural and alternative health circles buzzing about it? The white mulberry (Morus alba) tree is native to China and India and is spreading; throughout Asia and Europe. It is mostly harvested in China, Turkey, and Thailand, and is a staple product in the regions.

What Can White Mulberry Help Treat?

White mulberry is frequently used as a treatment for diabetes. It has also been used in the treatment of premature graying, hair loss, constipation, muscle and joint pain, the common cold, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Where Does White Mulberry Come From?

White mulberry comes from China, and a number of other healing berries come from that country too, and you’ve maybe never heard of many of them. For example, Goji berries come from China, and they are chock full of beneficial vitamins and minerals. Science is discovering herbs and berries from around the world that are making it into the international health supplement marketplace because of global sales and distribution channels. You can now go to a local health food store in your hometown in the United States and find supplements like the exotic white mulberry supplement in the supplement aisle. White mulberry is actually what silkworms eat. Unlike many other health supplements that have only recently been introduced to America from countries around the world, it was brought to the United States during colonial times.

How Does White Mulberry Work?

There are certain substances in white mulberry that work in a way that is very much like the medicines for type 2 diabetes. They help delay the breakdown of sugars in the stomach so that they can get absorbed into the blood at a slower rate. White mulberry also shows promise for those with hypoglycemia, because it helps to keep blood sugar levels at a desirable level. The powdered leaves appear to lower blood sugar in people who have type 2 diabetes.

What Else can White Mulberry do?

White mulberry extract has been cited as a great fat loss breakthrough, and, in addition to its benefits for people suffering from type 2 diabetes, it also shows promise as a powerful fat loss aid. In fact, Dr. Oz, of the nationally syndicated health TV program of the same name, has talked at length about its fat-fighting abilities on his national TV show.

Dr. Oz has called it a powerful superfood that helps fight diabetes, heart disease, and cholesterol. There is a compound in white mulberry leaf extract that helps to slow down sugar absorption, as mentioned before. It also helps prevent sugar cravings too. Anything that can help prevent sugar cravings can help deter the build-up of fat. Ultimately, sugar turns to fat in the body. That same compound blocks an enzyme that processes carbs. If the supplement is taken on a regular basis, then starches and carbs will not get converted into glucose, and that glucose will not get converted into fat afterward. Dr. Oz says that this lets you have that little extra portion of dessert without feeling guilty, because the glucose will not get turned into fat. Plus, because it is helping to balance out the blood sugar levels – something that hypoglycemics as well as diabetics need – it will help with energy levels throughout the day.

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