White Mulberry Extract Reviews

White Mulberry Extract Reviews

Yay first review on this product!! I’ve tried most of the weight loss supplements/diets out there. Gluten free, paleo, you name it. I just love eating sweets. I’m trying to get pregnant though, and need to lose a few pounds before if possible. We saw the Dr. Oz show and really wanted to check this out. I love it so far! It seems to help me not be as hungry and the White Mulberry does a great job at keeping the sugar rushes not so crazy. I’ve already lost a couple of pounds this week and have high hopes. I’ll keep everyone posted!
- Hwaugh21 / Amazon.com Reviewer

With this product I noticed an almost immediate suppression in my appetite and after a couple weeks I was noting results on the scale as well. I am very happy with the product and will most likely purchase another bottle to continue.
- Charlie / Amazon.com Reviewer

White Mulberry Extract is the latest super fruit extract to hit the weight loss markets. Coming from the leaves of the white mulberry tree, the extract contains potent compounds that have been shown to slow down the absorption of sugars – which will can help your body pass the sugars before before being converted into glucose and then stored as fat.

Why Try White Mulberry

  • The extract is a purified, condensed version of the nutrients
  • It’s convenient and easy on the go vs drinking mulberry teas
  • The white mulberry leaf is where the desired, sugar blocking nutrients are found
  • The mulberry fruits aren’t easy to come by and can be quite expensive
  • It is beneficial to slow sugar absorption even if you aren’t trying to lose weight

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