White Mulberry Tea

White mulberry tea is one of the fantastic ways to consume and enjoy this superfruit that is growing exponentially in popularity. The tea is not as potent as supplementing with concetrated white mulberry extract in capsule form, but is still a great option to add to your diet.  The mulberry teas are widely available, but you should also know that mulberry teas typcially consist of the full variety of mulberry leaves, and generally not 100% white mulberry leaves, which is where the really active nutrients are found.



White mulberry tea is a delicious way to ingest this powerful diabetes, cholesterol-lowering, and weight loss supplement. White mulberry tea was talked about on the Dr. Oz show. Taking white mulberry in a tea for makes it easier to take it in the morning with your breakfast. You can also have it at lunch, and it won’t even feel like you’re taking a health supplement or pill. Plus, it has a great taste, and it is chemical & caffeine free.

What is White Mulberry Tea?

White mulberry tea has been used in traditional Chinese medicine, also referred to as TCM if you see the name elsewhere online, for several hundred years. It was also widely used in Greece and Turkey, and it is mentioned in their medical texts. Dr. Oz recently joined the ranks of physicians in ancient societies that recommended white mulberry tea as a health supplement. He referred to the supplement as a “superfood” and a “health food sensation” for its helpfulness in combating diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease.

What are the Traditional Uses of White Mulberry Tea?

Chinese doctors recommended white mulberry tea as a diabetes tea. Interestingly enough, that’s what Dr. Oz and other clinical researchers are finding out that it helps with – along with possibly lowering cholesterol and helping to fight sugar cravings. Dr. Oz talked about how white mulberry tea was excellent for boosting the immune system, helping with weight loss, and lowering cholesterol on his television program. What else does traditional Chinese medicine recommend white mulberry tea for? This powerful tea is recommended for baldness, prematurely graying hair, constipation, and anemia too. It has also been used as a treatment for cold & flu symptoms as well.

How Does White Mulberry Tea Work?

White mulberry tea helps to manage blood sugar and encourage weight loss because mulberry leaves have a special compound that stops some of the stomach enzymes responsible for processing fats and sugars from working. What this means is that fewer sugars and fats get absorbed into the bloodstream.

How Does Dr. Oz Recommend Taking Mulberry Tea?

Dr. Oz recommends taking mulberry tea with meals so that you can offset that typical mealtime indulgence. Imagine just drinking a tasty tea, and maybe adding Stevia for sweetening, and helping boost your fat loss. That’s easier than taking a pill, and it’s certainly not as difficult as jogging an extra mile each week. It’s just sipping some tea, and that’s it.

The Surging Consumer Demand of White Mulberry Tea

Consumers are more and more interested in natural health supplements and herbs that help our bodies to function better and lose weight. People are starting to recognize that herbs are nature’s medicines, and that natural weight loss is more achievable than ever, and without the use of dangerous diet pills. Scientists are discovering new berries and herbs all the time that help stop fat build-up. In truth, they’re just reaffirming what has already been described in ancient medical texts. It’s time for you to try out an easy solution to helping you manage those sugar cravings. Join the rest of the avid Dr. Oz fans right now. There has been a huge demand for white mulberry tea after the Dr. Oz broadcast, and the suppliers are selling out of it. An exotic little berry from China, one mentioned in Chinese medical texts, and used for centuries, is one of the best ways that you can enhance your weight loss passively – without putting hardly any effort into your already difficult efforts as far as diet and exercise.

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